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Ich heiße Gabriele Sander-Meyer und unterrichte Deutsch in den Klassen 1 bis 8 an der Detroit Waldorf Schule.

Before our school closed on March 13, all teachers got together one last time to discuss and plan the time ahead of us as well as we could in the moment. Besides offering ideas and material to provide our students with opportunities to continue learning at home the main objective was to stay connected and to provide the kids with as much of familiar rhythm as possible under these circumstances.

As a subject teacher I found it challenging to produce pedagogically meaningful material for so many classes in a short time.

Grades 1 – 3: We don’t write or read in these classes yet so naturally it’s not easy to produce any meaningful assignments for these grades. Practice for them can be counting in German and teaching basic vocabulary that they know to someone in their home.
Gr. 4 – 8: The initial assignment had a strong focus on regional history along with typical recipes.

Moving forward, we are going to have Google Classrooms for middle school students, and I hope to establish a biweekly rhythm to add assignments for the students on the days that we would have had class. One of these assignments is regional/cultural history and the other should focus on grammar and vocabulary.