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Hello and Hola,
I´m going to introduce myself in english so most of you can understand. My favourite language and subject is spanish but i´d also like to teach english in class 1-4 one day. Next to foreign languages I study history, geography and politics but somehow I think ´d rather be a class teacher in the end. I guess the actual practise will show where I belong.
I´m currently studying at the Kieler Waldorfseminar, finishing my master hopefully next year.
I have no experience in teaching whatsoever but am really exited for the practice year, which I will do in Kiel as well.
My Connection with media (in a bigger Frame) is very theoretical, I studied european ethnology where we discussed several theories (p.e. Marshall Mc Luhan) and media history (Invention of Technologies etc). I´m eager to learn new approaches to media usage in the classroom- my former teachers had a really hard time making a CD-player work 😀

I would like to join a spanish or english Group.
The best time for online meetings during the week would be in the evening or really early in the morning (around 6) or at flexible Hours on Weekends.
I´m very curious About this new learning experience. It´s my first online Course!
Best wishes
Mira Kühl