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Hello there!

I posted this already in the ‘The power of collegial conversation’ section, but maybe it should go here:

My name is Benjamin Block. I’m currently teaching class 9 to 11 at Rudolf-Steiner-School Hamburg Bergstedt. While studying English at university, we could also enroll for an online learning course. I did quite like it back then, even though it still needed some improvement. I’m also learning the art of qigong by means of an online learning platform, so I am very open to this kind of approach.

As for schools I do think it is necessary to be open minded as well, but also critical when it comes to implementing new media. I believe this is one of the greatest challenges we have to face in our current educational system. Let’s see what new insight this course will provide me with. 🙂

I must say I kind of enjoy using a forum again. While the used to be all the rage about 15 years ago, it seems like in the tens they sort of disappeared from most of the internet. Such a shame! 😀

Question: I’ve already joined a group with Anke and Eileen. Would it be possible for each group to have their on thread?