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I just wanted to share some thoughts About the first journaling Task (2.3). I decided to do it as a mindmap because I´m still Looking for the Focus. There are a lot of Things on my list, I´m only going to share a few of them because it would take a Long time writing everything down.
I think becoming Aware of the Advantages/disadvantages/numerous risks of using/consuming and/or creating media is key when it comes to educating Young People in this field.
Another very important part, i think, is the concious criticism of various Sources (who published it? Where is it published? which perspective/opinion does the Publisher take/have? Who benefits from it? what do we know/read/see and what don´t we know/read/see? Is there another important perspective to the Story?…and the fact that every Information is selected by someone/something..)
The last Thing I think is very important is the proper handling of important programs such as E-Mail programs, Word/Excel/PPP, digital learning- related programs, producing/ cutting/editing video/audio.
Feel free to critique, add, discuss, praise, ask whatever 😉 See you