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At our school, our aim was to continue a full day virtual program similar to our regular in-school schedule. We met with our students through Google Meet and conducted our classes as though we were sitting in the classroom. This turned out to be quite successful. Our students attended classes and continued to complete their assignments, while teachers facilitated learning. The only problem that I encountered was the lack of privacy in student-teacher communication. I was able to solve this problem by working with two computers. On my desktop, I held my classes. However, during class sessions, I held individual meetings with students in a separate Google Meet using my laptop. In this way, by turning off the microphone on my desktop I could continue to watch my full class and answer any immediate questions while working with individual students. This worked very well, especially when I assigned group projects and needed to meet with each group individually.

For those that do not have two computers, the problem is easily solved because individual meetings can be held on cell phones or IPads as well.