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My name is Anna-Sofie.
I live next to a forest, just outside a small town in Sweden.
Not a real teacher, trying to help 4 children to get an openhearted start in life.
Growing up in abroad my parents were building schools, in for them a new world.
I spoke 5 languages -4 of them everyone could hear the fifth one was on its way.
When moving back to Sweden I had to study languages in school and learnt that I did not even know sufficient Swedish.
Thoughts for taking this course was to learn more to be able to teach my children.
In the introduction, for as far as I have come in the coursematerial, I am again starting to trust that inner feeling of curiosity for knowing more about You. I can feel the hesitation go and I am in the process of letting go of my first goals with this course but sure of that there will be a new goal. Just not knowing what that will be yet