Course Overview

This course will focus on two main issues:

How can you as a math teacher create an atmosphere of emotional attunement in the classroom? By this we mean a learning situation where  every single student

  • becomes interested in math and has fun because they experience themselves succeeding in the subject
  • feels safe to ask, safe to fail and safe to bring in his or her ideas
  • becomes motivated to help their classmates understand

How can this atmosphere open new possibilities for you to facilitate differentiated teaching in a symbiotic way, meaning that the difference of the academic level of the students is no longer an obstacle but a resource for a mutual learning process?

In this video the students themselves describe how they experience this way of teaching:

Seminar: Emotional attunement in the math classroom - a basis for symbiotic teaching

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It takes time to develop that kind of atmosphere in the classroom and it is important to discuss the process with other colleagues who are doing the same steps as you do.  Therefore, there will only be a new section every third week. Within each section we will establish an online discussion forum, where teachers from all over the world can share their experiences with the methods and discuss them.


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