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Examples of good practice  – language didactics and curriculum brought to life

Teachers are an essential part of the future of the Waldorf school movement in general and of creative and sustainable language learning and teaching at Waldorf schools in particular!

Waldorf pedagogy depends on you, the teachers who are interested in learning about and understanding the underlying ideas and concepts of language learning as well as the curriculum suggestions for Waldorf schools that have been developed on the basis of these ideas.

However, it is not enough to learn about the ideas and concepts of the past, our major task for the 21st century will be the development of living and up-to-date practice in Waldorf classrooms of today and tomorrow.  As one of the core ideas of Waldorf pedagogy are ‘living concepts’, Waldorf teacher training also has to invite and encourage an ongoing development of good practice in schools around the world.

Hence this course wants to offer examples of good practice of Waldorf foreign language teaching. Practicing teachers share their views and ideas, they describe exercises or projects they have done in class and they talk about the experiences they had. Examples of good practice are a sort of treasure box for inspiring ideas that invite you to think about them, pick some aspects up or develop them further in your own teaching.

You are invited to participate in this sharing by asking questions, leaving comments or even sharing your own example of good practice in this course.

The course is designed as an open market place: contributions will be added in the course of time – whenever I get the chance to meet and interview somebody or when one of the participants has something to offer and share. I have also added some of the inspiring interviews / videos that have been placed in one the courses before. For some colleagues they might be an invitation to have a closer look into the other courses as well.

As always, your feedback is strongly requested and welcomed!

Enjoy the treasures!


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