Empatic math teaching

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  • Blackboard
    1. Describe shortly a situation where you explained something at the blackboard. Focus on your contact and interaction with the students.

    – At home thinking about the board arrangement
    – When I am writing, I try to stop frequently to see the students
    – Not all the timing writing
    – Not writing long sentence
    – Writing in combination with dictation
    – On left board: structure, difficult terms
    – Giving the students time to write
    – Not writing before lesson; writing together

    2. Were you sure in this situation whether the students understood what you were explaining or not? Describe.
    – I was asking them
    – If they don’t understand, I repeat, or I will ask another student to repeat/explain

    3. Did any students ask questions? If so, describe: Which students asked questions? Which kind of questions were asked? How did you answer the questions? What did the other students do in this situation?
    – I can predict which student will ask questions
    – The same students are asking fast questions: they did not think about, immediately they ask the question
    – I tell the students that I want to give my explanation, then I ask ‘shall I repeat it again?
    – I try to manage the questions: do not ask a question in the middle of my explanation
    – They can set a mark on their paper: this I don’t understand
    Individual working time of the students
    1. Describe shortly a situation where the students worked individually or in groups with mathematical issues.
    – I give an example, then they try it on their own or with two
    – Before I give the time and the way of evaluation
    2. Which students worked with the tasks that were given? Which students didn’t? If they didn’t work, what were they doing? What did you do?
    – If they didn’t, I made an exercise with them individual (not on blackboard)
    – Motivation with humour
    – Asking why they don’t do it

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