Empatic math teaching

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  • • Did any students ask questions in class about things they didn’t understand in your presentations?
    – Yes, after explanation they did
    • How did you receive the question?
    – Thank you for the question
    – What a beautiful question
    – When I was in klas 9, I also had this question, I also did not understand this immediately

    • How did you make sure, that it was answered?
    – Did you understand?
    – I give a small, easy test-exercise
    – I asked to repeat in own words

    • How was the question received from the other students?
    – Listening
    – They said ‘I also have this question
    – Some were not interested

    Do those notes for three weeks, and after that make some reflections concerning the following questions:
    • To which extend do you think, that the “contract” of mutual trust and responsibility has become the living reality in your classroom?
    – For 85%
    • Do you think it has had any impact on the atmosphere in the classroom? Describe!
    – Yes! Also the students who don’t like math or have some problems to understand, they ask questions!

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