media and well-being: meeting the world

This introductory blended learning course to the field of media & well-being offers a wide perspective –                     covering the time from birth to 21 years of age. 

It is laying out the landscape of a media-conscious education – taking into account different aspects of the topic, bringing together various stakeholders in the children’s developmental journey, inviting all the people who are guiding and accompanying children and young adults on their way.

We invite you to explore the topic on different levels by working together and collecting experiences yourself,
by finding out what others have to say and by developing  new ideas in collegial exchange.

3 Saturdays from 4 to 7 pm (CET)

Fees for all three events range from 19 to 99 € – depending on what you can pay.


October 9th

“media” is more than digital

Discover the qualities of various media – analogue and digital – through joyful experimental activities.

Get an overview of the spectrum of  media, their features, potential and age-appropriate use. 

Exchange insights about the way all sorts of immediate and intermediated contacts  effect our resonance with the world, at different stages of the developmental journey.



October 23rd

real and artificial

Get to know exercises that invite you to have experiences with real objects and material as well as with virtual objects and tools.

Follow a discussion on the importance of real-world contact especially for younger children, but also in later years.

Widen your own ideas about the topic by working together with colleagues from other countries.



November, 13th

storytelling – analog and digital

Participate in activities that invite you to enter the world of imagination and to experience the flexibility of stories.

Explore the importance and potential of storytelling with respect to tolerance and understanding of the other, to learning in general and to developing self-efficacy at all age levels.

Discover how others integrate storytelling in their educational settings, and contribute your own ideas.


engage in a blended learning experience

Activities and exercises that invite active participation and generate experiences as the basis of transformational learning.

Texts, videos and panel discussions providing theoretical and practical background information for deepening the topic.

Collegial exchange in smaller groups as well as practitioner research activities invite engagement with the topic between online sessions.

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