The next step…

We are very pleased to welcome you to the next stage of our elewa journey towards building a global learning community of Waldorf teachers. The main task of our website homepage until now was to inform about the ideas and people behind this project. Now that we have run through two pilot courses on sustainable foreign language learning, we have reviewed the process. One thing that emerged was that participants wished for contact with other teachers outside of the actual courses.

Therefore, we have restructured our homepage to enable direct, ongoing communication. Those who have registered can contribute to a forum for collegial exchange and we will provide a blog as a focus for discussions and information about further developments.

Comment added September 2018:  the idea with the forum has not worked out – so we deleted the general forum again and stay with the “in-course” discussion forums.

Creating together

This homepage will provide the opportunity to learn about other Waldorf schools, to get insights into Waldorf schools and teaching in other countries, to ask and to answer questions and exchange ideas. Hence, we hope the elewa platform can provide a basis for a professional community of learning. Just how this platform develops depends on what we as those responsible for it and on what you as participants contribute. It is a partnership in learning and shaping. Therefore, we invite comments, suggestions and criticisms so that the platform can develop and the pilot project can be fruitful and lead perhaps to more permanent platform. We are currently designing a survey to gather the views of participants.


We are conscious that we live in a world that is full of information and so we are trying to find the right balance of information to support the growth of a learning community through communication of information. So we have decided to start of a digital newsletter in which we will announce the latest courses on elewa. Perhaps in the future we can also include extracts from participant’s contributions in the Newsletter.

Greetings, Ulrike

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