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In order to be able to recognize the uniqueness of each pupil and each group of learners and to be able to react in adequate ways, teachers need to train their sense of perception as well as apply some tools which will enable them to conduct their lessons in meaningful ways, to support the pupils’ growth and to recognize learning processes when they take place. In a time in which the field of education is more and more dominated by a notion of testing, we want to deliberately point out other ways of accompanying the pupils’ learning processes. We invite you to get to know various and creative methods which can help us to identify learning processes when they occur. Our focus is not so much on formative assessment with respect to examens. We understand assessment as a necessary tool for teachers who want to understand and support their pupils’ learning processes. Moreover we see a dialogue between pupils and teachers as a way to help pupils to understand their learning through getting feedback about the next meaningful steps on their individual paths into life. Starting off with some general aspects of learning, we will then examplify more theoretical aspects through examples from classes seven to twelve.

Moreover, we will also offer some tools for teacher learning which we invite you to get to know and enjoy during the course.

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Martyn Rawson

Martyn Rawson

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Dr. Martyn Rawson was born in Glasgow in 1954. He studied English and History, and later did an MA and Professional Doctorate. He has been a teacher in Waldorf schools in the UK and Germany since 1979, working as a class teacher, subject teacher and high school teacher. He has taught on a number of Waldorf teacher education programmes and currently teaches at the Waldorf seminar in Kiel and at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart. He has carried out research, published a number of books on aspects of Waldorf education and has been an advisor and lecturer internationally for many years.


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